How does Wellbeats® work?

Wellbeats® offers over 22 channels, 400 fitness classes, fit tests and work out plans. Its fitness content is proprietary content, filmed in a professional film studio in the US. Proprietary content allows Wellbeats® to be responsive to market trends and customer demand as we can quickly produce new content as it’s required.

Can I trial the service?

Yes, for a limited period we can set you up with the Wellbeats® app so you can try out the functionality of the system and stream all classes available to you. You’ll need to complete a quick 10-minute online awareness session before you’re issued with the app to ensure you get the best out of your trial period.

How can Wellbeats® be accessed?

You can access it via an in-facility system or the Wellbeats® app which allows you to stream classes to customers’ personal devices. Please note this service is only available to customers/staff through the company that purchases a Wellbeats® monthly content license, not direct from Wellbeats®. For example, a member of a gym or health club can only gain access to the Wellbeats® app via the club owner(s).

Where can members use Wellbeats®?

The beauty of Wellbeats® is that you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Can you access Wellbeats® outside the facility?

If you choose, Wellbeats® can be accessed on customers’ personal devices, phones, tablets, computers and TVs. Unlimited classes can be streamed anytime and anywhere, whether that’s at their home, while they’re away on business, or even on holiday.

Where can the system be installed?

You can install Wellbeats® in any space you have available within your facility, health club, gym, corporate office, or hotel. Wellbeats® can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere.

What hardware is required?

There are three hardware systems you can install depending on the space you have available and budget:

1. Wall mounted interactive kiosk, projector, large screen and speakers

2. Wall mounted interactive kiosk direct to TV

3. Tablet to TV

Can I use my existing equipment?

Yes of course, subject to it being of suitable quality and compatible with the Wellbeats® system.

What are the hardware costs?

This depends on the space you have available, what type of system you choose and if we can utilise any existing equipment you may have. We’ll be able to establish this very quickly once we speak with you.

How do I learn what channels, classes, fit tests and workout plans are included in my subscription?

You can view our available in-facility content subscription options here. To learn more about our Wellbeats® channels, click here. To request pricing information, please fill out our contact us form.

Can I play a class whenever I want?

You can play classes in your facility whenever you wish. If you give customers access to stream classes on their personal devices they will have unlimited access 24/7.

Can I schedule in-facility classes to start automatically?

Yes. Scheduling classes in advance is a great way to build awareness and increase user engagement. You can schedule a class to play at a specific date or time by logging into the Wellbeats® Portal using your administrator credentials. You can also schedule classes to repeat automatically for example Yoga at 7am Monday to Friday. Plus, scheduling classes means there’s no need for instructors to be there.

How many times can we play a class?

Class plays are unlimited.

How and when do I receive new classes?

All new classes will be uploaded automatically on a bi-monthly basis. As long as your system is connected to the internet, there’s nothing you need to do on your end. You can find the new classes on the home screen of your Wellbeats® system under the section “Recently Added”. You’ll receive an email blast notifying you when new content is added. You can also receive updates by following Wellbeats® on Facebook and Instagram.

What resources are available for promoting Wellbeats® in my facility

Wellbeats® offers a variety of marketing materials to promote your Wellbeats® system, including flyers, posters, digital displays, logo files and videos. To download materials, please contact us for marketing resources. To share Wellbeats® promotional videos, class teasers, trainer tips, and tutorials, visit our YouTube page here. Always check your email inbox for marketing kit campaigns and new content release information to share throughout the year.

What training is provided?

Initial online training will be provided on installation. If you want further training, simply email us to arrange at a convenient time for you. We also recommend checking out the Wellbeats® Administrator Tour – Facility video tutorial. It shows you basics on how to navigate Wellbeats® and schedule classes to increase engagement and utilisation.

Are there Wellbeats® tutorial videos for my customers?

There are two great tutorial videos for customers using Wellbeats® in your facility and elsewhere. In-facility system tutorial. On the move app tutorial.

Does Wellbeats® come with a warranty?

All hardware bought from us comes with a 12-month warranty. Software warranty is free of charge and ongoing.

What do I need to provide to set up Wellbeats® in my facility?

You simply need a power supply and IT connection. This will be covered during your facility survey by one of our engineers.

What sales and marketing support do you provide?

We have decades of industry experience as health, fitness and leisure facility operators so can help you integrate Wellbeats® into your sales and marketing plans. We also give you access to a whole raft of marketing materials to help with internal and online promotion.

Can I view reports on the utilisation of my system?

Yes. Wellbeats® system utilisation is very important to all companies. Upon your request we can provide an extensive monthly report.

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